Sunday, October 23

well isn't that special

I just got a link on the Washington Post's website for Capote, from Technorati. Gotta love them. The Post also had this to say about the film:
[Philip Seymour] Hoffman is 5 feet 9 inches of boomy-voiced, big-shouldered robustness. He could play Orson Welles, Vince Lombardi or any of his Green Bay Packers. But scrunch down into Capote, a 5-foot-3 pipsqueak?

"It's angles and staging," says [Director Bennett] Miller. He created the illusion of Hoffman's smallness with camera angles that dwarf Hoffman compared with others in the same scenes, and he cast background actors who were taller than Hoffman. In terms of props such as couches, "with all other things being equal, I'll go with the bigger one."

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