Wednesday, October 19

Return to real life pt 1

Finally! Not that I didn't enjoy my trip to VA, but it feels like I've been gone for absolutely ever. It was so nice there---we went to a huge cookout and took a hay ride one night---the weather was perfect for fall/Halloween. Then I come back here to find summer temperatures (minus, thankfully, the humidity). It was so nice when I left last week---what the f#ck happened? I feel like I've been beaten with a stick. Traveling takes so much out of me anymore. Honestly, anything does: going to a show, staying out too late, being nice to people I don't like... well, that one was always exhausing. I hate fake. Speaking of which, faux fur is in this fall. I'm torn, really. It seems gross to wear even fake fur but how much of a statement can it be if every other person's doing it? Also in will be giant belts, the color brown, western wear and mismatched stuff, and those silly trousers that stop at your calves which might not be so silly except you're supposed to wear them with tall boots, and hats. I looked all weekend for a cute new pair of boots but came up completely empty-handed. I think it's a sign not to spend the money. Either that or I'm not stylish enough to buy new clothes... .

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