Thursday, October 20

Return to real life pt 2

Wow, blogger hates me! I had a lovely post all cooked up & ready to go, and it slogged down so much I thought I needed to reboot. It was all a trick, though. Now all I can think of to blog about is my eyebrows. I think they are thinning. Is that possible? Okay, yeah I waxed them for a few years---but they quickly stopped looking so Brooke Shields and so I quit torturing them---and now all I do is pluck the strays. I'm thinking of tattooing them back in. Oooh, yeah, luckily Time posted their 100 Best English-Language Novels (1923 to present day). How many of those have you bought at the library sale and never cracked open? I still remember finding Sons & Lovers (used, of course---old books smell like proper books) and reading in the introduction that is should never be read as one's first-ever DH Lawrence novel. So I put it down until the day I came across one that told me it was okay to read it first (not usually so obedient). Anyway, a lot of these titles I've never even heard of---Day of the Locust?---and some of the authors are foreign to me as well---Christina Stead; Christopher Isherwood; Jerzy Kosinski?? Sadly, a lot of my old faves aren't here. And who knew so many foreigners wrote in Enlish? I personally think they're brilliant but depriving a few translators of much-needed work. **Props to Vonnegut for appearing twice, along with Graham Greene & the inimitable Faulkner. UPDATE: See this post on the Time Magazine list. Absolutely hilarious!

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