Thursday, June 16

When is TV time?

When I was little I was allowed to watch an embarassingly small amount of tv per day. It was doled out like sweets or an allowance. Now if I get to watch an hour of tv it's a slow day. And how do I spend it? Sometimes I squander it on Charmed or something mindless. And sometimes I just have to go to TV Without Pity to catch up on Gilmore Girls. Sad, I know. The Observatorium waxes eloquent about Ashton Kutcher, 6 Feet Under, and now America's Next Top Porn Star (no it's not real--YET). Not that I'd want to watch that show, as anyone who knows anything about 80's porn will agree, but ml's idea of having everyone in NYC or LA being followed around by camera crews made me think: What if I could be followed around by people with tv's since I am too busy to watch it at home? I know, I know, but I have a DVR already and that doesn't help. I do want to see The Closer, which a friend saved for me, but unfortunately she won't follow me around with a tv. It was a nice thought, though.

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