Friday, June 3

wearing a thong?

Apparently it can be dangerous. That is, more dangerous than you thought. What also got me is the amount of money they say British women are spending on lingerie in a year ($150~). I don't spend that much--am I not spending enough? Or are they spending too much? Would my sex life be better if I spent $150 on lacy new panties in the next 12 months? Or are they silly for spending money on things they never get to see, anyway? I say that's a great gift for men to get women--it's a gift that keeps giving. It's not like I'm going to wear that stuff with no one to see it, so why not have the people who get to enjoy it both select it and purchase it? Makes sense to me. Now can someone tell me why guys never buy me lingerie for Valentine's Day? I think they are afraid to. I can be a scary person to shop for. I am choosy. But hey, you're the one who has to like it, not me, guy.

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