Saturday, June 11

My kids' names

I said the other day they'd be Neon (a girl) or Kudzu (a boy, of course). Too bad for them I'm not having any kids. They'd have been exceptional people. When they were little girls, every woman you now know imagined her future kids' names, or her wedding to the 4th grade boyfriend, or whatever crap we collectively imagined made you a woman, finally a woman. Now, what do they say? Reality sets in, we don't feel the same about our imagined children as we do those we bear in the real world, and maybe the wedding wasn't all we imagined. What do we dream about now? Do we dream, or just worry and plan as we age? I worried so much as a child that it would be hard to do it more now. If this blog is any indication, I spend my mental energy observing & thinking. Time to start doing.

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