Sunday, June 26

Serrabee has a date!

Woo-hoo! Yeah, I finally have a first date with a not-too-objectionable boy. Not a real date, just a cocktail later tonight at one of the sleazy establishments I am known to haunt. But he's cute and he called when he said he would so I am going to go despite my objections. What? Of course there are objections. Serrabee is one picky chick. One problem is he kind of reminds me of guys I grew up around (remember I'm from east TN). His cuteness is in the roughneck style (not an entirely bad thing -- I am from east TN, like I said). And he was fine to talk to but the sense of humor is just not what I am used to from ex-bf. But let's hope a lot of other things are not what I'm used to from ex, either. Wish me luck tonight, kids, cause I haven't been on a first date in a while & my charm's a bit rusty. Squeak.

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ml said...

Your charm isn't rusty! Nonsense!