Friday, June 10

Keep tabs

Ol' Dustbury has asked the question 'why aren't you non-bloggers blogging instead of reading my blog?' in a shout-out to his readers. Let's see what they come up with. I know there are lurkers and people who make profiles just to be able to comment. Some bloggers shout at these visitors; I prefer to engage them in the discussion. If they will be engaged. If not, well, lurk away in your voyeristic style. That's why we're here, after all. But I ask: Is it more fun on that side of the fence? Cause the grass doesn't look any greener from here.


CGHill said...

I did, in fact, ask one of them outright in person; he said that he had just enough time to clutter up my blog, but not enough to start one of his own.

Oh, well.

Serrabee said...

Well, as they say, illegetimi non carborundum. Keep on bloggin'!