Monday, June 6


I am already sore from my return to yoga class today. It was one of those classes where the instructor's not doing what you're doing, so she leaves you hanging there while she talks. I haven't done yoga in at least 6 weeks, anyway (my fault). The class was 75 minutes long instead of the scheduled 55 (her doing!). Did I mention she's not my fave yoga instructor there? Oh, right, you figured that out already.... All this after I spent an hour in the gym this morning. Ouch. Just trying to make up for lost time, which all the old sages tell you is impossible. I like to attempt the impossible and achieve the improbable (like keeping up this friggin' workout schedule!). Tomorrow is spinning class so get ready for a sore bum complaint from Serrabee! A friend invited me over to his hot tub tonight but since I know for a fact that he is a nekkid not-tubber, I doubt I will be able to make that date. Sorry, but it is just too weird. We are not that sort of friends. So I will enjoy a hot shower here, maybe a bath with epsom salts, and probably be in bed by 10:00. Did I mention summer school started today? Ouch again. Sorry my life is boring lately but I will have an exciting roller-skating post for all you faithful readers, if you can hold out a couple of days! Maybe it will be another sore bum post, but I hope not!


ml said...

You're going roller skating without me? What kind of madness is this?

Serrabee said...

Uh, slow down there. I haven't had time to call yet. Wanna go roller skating around 7pm Weds?
Anyone else?