Friday, June 17

O what shall I see...

  1. Batman Begins would be good, but everyone will be there and you know how I can't stand them.
  2. Star Wars' Revenge--yeah, I know, I'm very late. Shaddap. I been busy.
  3. Me and You and Everyone We Know isn't playing in Memphis yet. Why not? Why do they presume to know what we want to watch if they don't offer it to us?
  4. Mad Hot Ballroom sounds awful, I know, but it might be cute in a way that's not too cutesy for me.
Feel free to offer advice, tips, or suggestions if you've seen any of these. But please don't just email me with "Star Wars rocks!" cause I assure you, I already liked the other 10 hours I've seen of it so far.


Memphis Word Nerd said...

Dude, Star Wars ROX!!!!!

Heh. Sorry, I'm being oppositional. Actually, I did see it. It's good if you're a fan. Otherwise, not so much. It's not bad but the main attraction is the way it ties the 2 trilogies together.

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith today. Total crap. Some pretty decent chemistry, though.

What about renting something? I just saw Casa de los Babys and really liked it. I also really liked The Station Agent. Michelle Williams is a good actor; I like her quirky style.

Memphis Word Nerd said...

You know, if you get bored with regular movies, there's always porn.

Heh again.