Wednesday, June 15

Is a nerd a geek and vice versa?

I wondered about the heirarchy of nerd/geek and general-social-outcast when I was reading Roboto's ruminations on high school band geeks a while back. Now the NY Daily News has answered an unasked question: Nerds DO make better lovers. Thanks to Jennifer for the link! But we are still left with the original question regarding the stratification of social outcasts. Is it worse to be a geek than a nerd? A plain ol' geek than a band geek? And what do you call someone like the kid from About a Boy (one of my fave authors, btw) who is generally just not fit to adapt in society and gets eaten up, Darwin-style? I think geeks are too-skinny, four-eyed, bad-haircut-wearing, tacky dressers. They are not necessarily smart; they may be stupider than the average person. But they are socially inept. These guys are geeky. THESE guys are NOT nerdy. It is a trick to make nerds buy their albums. These people are nerds. They even say so! In my school we had "brains" as a branch of nerds, which meant that you were either funny, or hot, or athletic in addition to being smart. It was less of an insult. I also contend that it is better to have the word "geek" modified by "band" than "computer" or something. I mean, back in the day. Maybe not now that computer geeks make all the cash. Of course, band geeks are now rock'n'rollers: ADDITION: Old news flash on how we are all nerds, or nerds have gone mainstream, or something. I didn't read it all the way thru, natch. Yeah, that's Tommy Lee.

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