Tuesday, June 21

Be sure to watch Montel today

I have now mentioned Montel for a second time, the other time at Journalissimio, though I'm not a fan of his. But he is doing a show you need to watch today on a health danger associated with vaccines. If you want to know what is really going on in the Senate, with the CDC, and immunization (you might want to, before smallpox & anthrax are made compulsory in a few years) visit the Evidence of Harm website and read the introduction to his new book. Then go buy the book and be astonished by what you read. This article in the June Rolling Stone is good, too. It's going to be all over the media, peoplez. Just as soon as they finish up with the Downing Street memo. (That's my little joke. Ever notice how, unless it involves sex (e.g. Jacko, Monica, etc.) it's not getting picked up by the media? We need them to beat this thing to death like they do everything sex-related in the news. At least go sign John Conyers' letter to the Prez.)

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