Wednesday, September 29

Riders on the Storm

Since several of you have asked, I will give the update on the Henderson family in Pepsicola, FL. For those of you who followed hurricane Ivan, you know that it hit land in Mobile, AL, just 45 mins. away from my sister n'them. Yes, they stayed to ride it out. Yes, they lived to regret it. That was two weeks ago, and 9 days later the tree was removed, while only 10 days later their power was restored. The Red Cross was bringing food around in the meantime, and they could cook some things on their gas gril, so the food situation was tolerable.* But I can't imagine living in a partially-smashed-up house with a nine-year-old and 18-month-old, plus livestock. Bill has gone back to work, but Emma's school was damaged or something, and she won't go back for another few weeks. They are very lucky to all be okay and together, so all is well. Except for the massive construction project about to begin on their home, that is. But, hey, now they get some new stuff, right? *Yes, that is a little chip on my shoulder from Hurricane Elvis 2003. I live in a very densely populated area and was without electricity a full 14 days! No Red Cross trucks drove around delivering hot meals to us, either. I was glad for her that they had all this but I just can't get over how Memphis was shafted when it was our turn. If (or when, rather) we have an earthquake, I suppose it will be different, but

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