Monday, September 20

Long time no me!

Hey kids! Sorry for the prolonged silence -- I went out of town and forgot to mention it before. Oh, wait, I do remember mentioning it but whatever. So the wedding was beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because that's what you're supposed to say! It was outdoor, which is my favorite; it just feels like that's a better place to be. Now, funerals are just fine in a church. I don't like all that graveside service stuff much. I think it's always been rainy or cold for those that I've attended, which is suitable. Anyway, my college buddy's wedding was such a good look at why you get hitched in the first place. And the party wasn't bad, either, considering that she married into a preachin' family (I counted four of them including Grandaddy). Would have been nice to see more of her high school friends, but at the same time, I can't imagine who I'd invite from high school who'd acutually come to my wedding. Urk. Idea of own wedding! Still saying Vegas is the way to go. Honestly, who ever says they wish they hadn't been married in Vegas?

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