Tuesday, October 5

Missed me?

Hi guys, Sorry it's been a while since I have appeared in print (?) but it's been a weekend! Whew! If you didn't know, Memphis won the football game Saturday, we actually spanked the Univ. of Houston -- woo-eeee! Unfortunately, it was a 1pm kickoff -- which means, you guessed it, early morning tailgating. Gaaahh, did I feel like crap Sunday morning! Cause of course the b'friend is all risin' and shinin' at 6am (gloggggg). And you all know that after an afternoon of football things never wind up at a decent hour. I didn't get home any earlier this time than when it was a 6pm game a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmm. . . lesson to be learned here. . . . Nope, it just escaped me!

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