Thursday, September 9

First of all:

It seems everyone has something to say, presumably something worth sharing with others (although I doubt how much of this is worth it sometimes). But we all must blog away. My info for you today is the ubiquitous movie review. A full month (prolly longer) after it was released in NYC, Maria Full of Grace arrived in Memphis. Definitely worth the time to watch. I cannot say the same for the Exorcist, which happens to be the last film I saw. Entertaining in its way but not frightening the way the original was (when I saw it at, like, 14 or something). But "Maria" was interesting, moving, educational for those of us who are not hip to the drug trade -- and the subtitles were surely worth it. I think they were crucial -- without being filmed in Spanish, the idea that you were in this world would have required more suspension of disbelief.

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