Tuesday, September 28

Good news week not so good for girl blogger

I have already had two bits of good news in the past week, am being mucho productinve, and am enjoying the fab weather, etc., so why am I not cheerfuller? (Achewood is all reruns, though.) One's personality and disposition should work with life forces, not against it. Bllllllll. . . . Is it just me, or is shit like this just not even funny anymore? Finally going to see Claire Bear tonight, which I haven't done since I went to her son's first soccer game of the season, several weeks ago. Five- and six-year-olds playing soccer is a riot, especially when it's their first team game. One poor thing got bashed in a head at close range (ground to head max 2 feet) by a ball and I could practically see stars with him. I think he got the wind knocked out of him -- remember that phenomenon from childhood? It was scary as hell, I remember, and you always thought you just might die in those few seconds before you could breathe again.

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