Wednesday, September 29

Can't believe how out of it I am!

. . . so much so that I didn't even realize that Achewood has been back for two days, and that's saying something about the state of my mind! Thank you, Bill, for introducing me to Phillipe & the gang! I spent all day yesterday, until 11:30 or so, working on a project for tech. writing which I really got into! Whew, if you ever question your nerdiness, just re-read stuff you wrote like this. . . huuuuurr! Hope I get an A, since I actually worked on this one (as opposed to the last couple of exercises in futility in that class). Not that I'm not enjoying school completely, cause -- like I already said, I am a nerd -- I love school. It's so satisfying to be instantly judged, graded, and if you follow the rules you just aren't found lacking. It's so personally impersonal, and by that I mean the work is a personal as you can get, while the grades are wholly objective. Work is just never like that. My favorite boss was the one who actually taught me stuff, not the ones that were nicest or had the best personalities. Can I just be a student forever?

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