Monday, January 2

Am I the last one to do this?

Resolutions for 2006 and beyond: 1) Get a pony or some chickens 2) Eat less cheese 3) Travel to Canada... or somewhere cold, anyway 4) Learn another language (not sure which one) 5) Get in shape with pilates 6) Watch more movies I really don't believe in the magical power of New Year's resolutions but there is a little truth behind the sentiment. I mean that everyone wants to do something different after the holiday season winds up, and most of us have spent the past few weeks or month eating & drinking too much while exercising too little. So now is a time to pretend we're going to reform in 2006 and be better people from now on. Well, I say To Hell With Resolutions. I'm not really going to eat less cheese. And livestock isn't allowed in Midtown anyway. I may actually visit Washington state and learn French or Spanish, too... and I am taking a Pilates class. Of course, if I wanted to do something difficult with #6 I would have resolved to watch fewer movies, since I saw very few in the theatre over the last 9 months. But what I really want to do is watch more good movies, ya know, independent films and such as come out in Memphis. My point is that none of these things are decisions I made because of the end of the year, and they are all things I wanted to do last year. Time is all a matter of perspective, really, and it's up to us to make things happen---the end of the year isn't going to do anything for us that the last 12 months haven't done. Suck it up and make it happen if you really want to do something so badly! Sorry 'bout that, but I just read an email from a lazy friend who wants to feel sorry for himself all day and doesn't want to contribute to society. That should be enough resolution for anyone not to be a sad sack but get out and mooooove. Like I'm about to do: to a bar with friends. Happy New Year!

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Len said...

The only New Year's resolution I ever kept was the year that I resolved never again to make another New Year's Resolution.

And I've kept that one for damn close to 40 years now....