Friday, January 20

well, that's a new one

Now both my posts have completely disappeared. Maybe Blogger is punishing me for something. Like neglect and abuse. Who knows.... Anyway, I have totally eschewed the usual nightlife/around town blogging for a while because I haven't had much of a nightlife to speak of. I have an 8am class 3 days a week, for chrissakes. But tonight Blair Combest is at the Hi-Tone and I may just make it out there, since I like his voice so much. We shall have to see, however, just how far I make it into the seamy underside of Memphis nightlife. I could go early and leave early... it's supposed to start at 9pm but you know how unreliable rock'n'roll is. Maybe I'll take a nap first. I am so very old to even think that way.

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