Tuesday, January 17

I have come to a realization:

Like Rachel D put it, Boredom breeds good blogging. And I just haven't been bored lately; I'm too busy getting life geared up again, starting a new semester, and reorganizing my stuff after being gone for the holidays. Not that all those things independently are not boring... they are. But pile them all on top of each other:
  • car needing 45k mile tuneup
  • me needing an internship for the semester
  • shopping required for post-holiday sales
  • pets needing visits to the vet
  • catching a crappy cold
Now my life looks pretty busy, don'tcha think? I admit I have had some other guilty pleasures. For example, last Weds. I met some friends at the Lamplighter (if you don't know it, don't ask) for "A beer" which famously became several. Then Thurs. a friend made me dinner (red beans & rice--yum!) and we went to the Buc... where the bartender bought our drinks (hooray!) and we me some cool people cause we had posession of the booth. It was grand but we left before the show. The next night (Friday) I (well, we) went all over Midtown and apparently I did some damage to my immune system with all the beers and whatnot. I have been sickly ever since then, to varying degrees, but still not feeling up to much. But perhaps I will make a recovery and go shopping for new spectacles tomorrow, if all goes well. Oh, yeah, and I bought a new winter coat (red!) to shield me from the sleet we had tonight. I didn't want to melt or anything.

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