Friday, December 30


My last post reminded me that I really haven't given many details on my dating life lately. Assuming you will gather that I haven't really had one, I haven't bothered to write about what isn't. Yeah, I know I said I was going to try juggling multiple dates, but as I suspected---that didn't work out. As soon as I had Date 1 with Boy 2, I realized he was a closet weirdo. He had some movie he'd made that he wanted me to watch or, at least, read its script (which he'd written). I make a rule not to read the poetry and other literary efforts of people I don't want to offend cause I'm a bad liar. As in, when I say: "No, really, it's great... it's just so deep that I can't read it all right now!" what I really mean is obvious to the budding writer: This is crap. Usually it is crap, and if you say that's just my opinion & doesn't matter... well, why did you ask me to read your crap in the first d@mn place?? I digress. What happened after Date 1 with Boy 2 earlier this month was that Boy 1 got even more clingy and boyfriend-ish, so I eventually ceased all communications with him. Not in an honest, forthright way---like, "You're annoying me and it's not that I never want to see you again. I just want it to be a really long time before I do. And not on a date with you. So, yeah, it is like I never want to see you again." So now I'm back to square 1: being either too impatient, too standoffish, or too picky. Or maybe all 3 of those. All I really want, in no particular order:
  • personality that doesn't require mine supplementing it during conversation
  • intellect and ability to communicate it (no nutty professors, though)
  • hobbies! seriously. get some interests or you're a pretty boring person.
  • respect: for me, for yourself, and for the feelings of others
  • ability to make decisions and come up with creative solutions to everyday problems (like where to go to lunch; please don't always leave it up to me, or stick to the same 3 places!)
  • sense of humor---and that's a deal-breaker---preferrably one as weird and dark as mine
Otherwise, I'm fine with the companionship I already have. See, that's not so hard, is it? I didn't even mention looks or finances, and I'm not a shallow person. And you don't have to love my music, as long as you love some kind of music (even if it's awful 60's ballads or something). But, having seen much of what's out there, I'll either have to move or give up until the guys my age start getting divorced til I get another date. Cause I'm not settling---the bare minimum is just not negotiable, y'all.

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