Friday, January 27

OED, how I love thee...

New entry for OED Online weekend, n. DRAFT ENTRY Jan. 2006 Brit. (euphem.). something for the weekend: a condom or a supply of condoms. Also in extended use: a sexual aid, an aphrodisiac, etc. Similarly anything for the weekend. Traditionally, as part of a question, said to have been asked by barbers to their customers. 1972 Wonderful World of Sounds in Monty Python's Previous Record (gramophone record), A herd of zebras visiting the same chemist to ask for something for the weekend. 1986 A. COREN Something for Weekend 7 deal with his ritual valediction 'Something for the weekend?' 'No.' 'You didn't mind me asking?' 'Of course not.' 'It's traditional.' 1987 Sunday Times (Nexis) 11 Jan., Barbers would ask our fathers: 'Anything for the weekend, sir?' 1998 Independent (Electronic ed.) 10 July 5 As the body-builders..were paying for their tins of powdered protein, they used to give me a wink and ask if I had anything for their wives, something for the weekend.

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