Sunday, January 22

All tomorrow's parties

This was a laid-back sort of party weekend in that I went out both nights (don't always do that anymore) but didn't get crazy either night. Definitely an improvement over last weekend's night of debauchery (which included not only Yosemite Sam's of all places, but some guy Billy's apartment with a mass of people) followed by a day of sinus/cold/flu suffering. I didn't go out Thurs. like I wanted because (as I've previously noted) I have an 8am class M/W/F. But Fri. night I finished a book (fiction---the last for a few weeks, probably, with all the reading I have to do for class) and still managed to make it out to Bosco's. Tried Celtic Crossing (otherwise known as the Glass Potato) first but way too loud, crowded, & smoky for an ex-smoker (me) and a nearly-deaf girl (my friend Claire). Then we tried dish but again, too loud, croweded, & gay there to stay. Jeez, we just wanted a martini & a snack!! But we found it at Bosco's and were happy. The 10:30 crowd there is way more laid-back than the happy hour crew, & about 20 years younger on average, too. I saw a super-hot guy but he was not only too young for me, but probably also gay. (He was very clean & sensitive looking.) So I cut my losses & focused my attention on my friend & my dirty martini and was home by 1am like a good girl. The next night I went to Blue Fin for the 1st time in a solid year with my long-lost friend Don & his wife Liz, both of whom I love, and their friend Michael, who I'd not really conversed with before. He was, unfortunately, a mixture of humor, pomposity, and superiority that made you want to roll your eyes while you laughed at him---but just then he'd say something to really tickle you, so you could never be really cutting. The food was fabulous---sunomono, edamae, the Bluefin roll, and free yellowfin tuna compliments of the chef!! Yum! And the conversation was some of the most interesting I'd had in a while. I hang out with people I know too well most of the time, I think, and we tread the same ground over & over. After that we split up & I went to meet my friend at the Hi-Tone (she used to bartend there). Her fiance's band was playing their first gig (the singularly named M*therfvck!ng Pitchforks). The death-metalheads loved it, and I must admit their set, although short, was pretty tight. Halfacre Gunroom was good, I thought, at my first time seeing them live. Just the kind of alt-country rocker crap I like. A weird crew, though---young-preppy looking lead singer, professor drummer, some guy who could have been in almost any local band on keyboards, and 2 fatty guitarists (lead & bass players). So it was a success in that I saw friends I hadn't connected with in a while, heard some good music, and managed to avoid anyone who annoyed me too much. I just hope it will tide me over for a while until I have a chance to go see Drew Holcomb next weekend, or someone else in the near future. The post-holiday dearth of rock shows seems to be receding for now.


PeskyFly said...

I likey the Gunroom. They used to play every Wednesday at Earnestine & Hazel's which meant I felt like crap every Thursday. And I'd usually leave early, too. Oy.

newton dominey said...

i'm totally comment greedy!

i need to come to memphis play rock and roll shows. and we need to be friends. you link good politics, like good music and stuff.

hello, i'm newton. nice to meet you.