Friday, January 20

Reduced to several scores

Here is the link I found at Signifying Nothing where I found most of these quizzes originally. Ta for that! The Political Compass is an interesting one. It put me between Ghandi & the Dalai Lama. Weird to think of standing literally between those 2. So I'm a Libertarian, which I already knew in the abstract but reject in the real world. I could also be a Marxist in the ideal situation, so there. See what you are in the World's Smallest Political Quiz. I scored a 61 out of 160 points on the Libertarian Purity Test. Not sure how I feel about that... I doubt most people who know me would call me a Libertarian, at any rate. But sometimes when faced with extreme views I moderate mine accordingly; in other words, I may appear more libertarian than I really am in my views on the role of the state in personal lives. Apparently I should also move to the Pacific Northwest and befriend Drew Carey (since when is he any barometer or measure of political awareness?) according to the Politopia Quiz. Humphf. As with any of these types of quizzes, I find them over-simplified to the point where I can't give an honest answer. Do I belive in this program or not? isn't as easy to answer as you might first think. Maybe I believe in the program but not as it is currently administered. Maybe I don't believe the program works but don't see a better alternative working because of something else. Then there's the issue of how the questions are written, which is never free from taint (buzzword of the week---tee-hee-hee!). Kinda relates back to first problem I mentioned---of tempering your views to match the questions more closely. Anyway, it makes you think about these things which you might not have done today. Happy quizzing!


dwayne said...

on the libertarian quiz
i scored a 25
nothing worse than being a libertarian
on the politopia quiz
i am kicking it with jesse jackson, hillary clinton, and zach de la roache of rage against the machine
not too bad

Serrabee said...

you can't think of ANYthing worse than being a libertarian??

Len said...

So I'm a Libertarian, which I already knew in the abstract but reject in the real world.

Are you sure you're not a "libertarian" vice a "Libertarian" (there's a distinct difference, like the difference between "democrat" and "Democrat")? And does the quiz make that vital difference clear?

I'd be a Libertarian, if they weren't all a bunch of tax-dodging professional whiners.
--Berkeley Breathed

Serrabee said...

Yeah, I see your point; not the test doesn't make a distinction (neither does dwayne, or at least he doesn't believe in capital letters).

dwayne said...

protest libertarian
capital lettered or not