Saturday, April 30

Mr. Darkside

I went to the Drew Holcomb CD release party at the Hi-Tone last night. For those who haven't had the chance to see him, I'd describe his style as what would happen if David Gray took over for Kevin Kinney as frontman for Drivin' and Cryin'. It was completely packed. If I were a rock star, would I have that many friends come to celebrate in one place with me? Of course, I was there and I'm not his friend. Speaking of friends: I am completely annoyed that my friend Barb wasn't bartending the ONE time I go there expressly to see her. Well, and the band, too. That b*tch! But I did see some funny sights, such as the world's smallest girl with disproportionately wide hips playing air guitar as if her life was staked on it (a la "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"). Plus, the violin player had a serious bubble butt. I felt quite normal by comparison with those ladies...

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