Tuesday, April 5


So, some friends of mine---who I met around the same time they met one another---are getting married next month. Which is weird to me, cause in that time I've dated. . . several people. And getting married just seems superfluous anyway. Or passe, at least. But what's so awful about all this is that they have created a "wedding web page" (and if you know them and pass this along to them, I promise I will kill you!) for their memories, including a very detailed account of the proposal, and a wedding countdown clock. I promised to go, but now. . . I just don't know if I can go it alone! God, my life is so hard (I keed, I keeeed!). Which reminds me, I bought myself the greatest birthday present in N'awlins---Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's keychain of quotes! I highly recommend getting one.

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