Sunday, May 1


was a blast yesterday! Unfortunately we spent the first couple hours of our planned stay there at some cookout instead. A cookout of losers. It was all dental students (joy) and their trashy, over-done girl friends. The only one who bothered to introduce herself to me was a stripper. No matter, cause when we got there no one we really wanted to see was on anyway. After we had gotten our footlong Pronto Pups, beers (a bargain at $3 each) and potty trips all taken care of, we headed down to the NBA stage to check out the North MS Allstars, which was a redneck magnet (surprisingly). My friend had to offer violence to some asshole for shoving me aside. But the show rocked, and despite getting separated from each other (hint: never let your friend carry your cellphone at a shindig like that) we had a great time. to be continued. . .

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Your fans look forward to reading part 2.