Thursday, April 14

finally, finally

I finally got my next-to-last research paper turned in! It's the end of the semester so it's crunch time right about now. I am so tired I could fall over in my chair. It got cold again, but of course I've already turned off my furnace. Don't ask---it's a thousand years old but it works. I feel like I just drift from one day to the next since my palm pilot decided to desert me. Like how I thought this party was Sat., and I was planning to go and all until I checked my calendar. Now I got nothin' to do Sat. night. The Flyer isn't updated yet (when the paper came out yesterday---what's up, people?) so it can't tell me where to go. It's a friends birthday, but I don't really want to get dragged along on an all-night party that will keep me in bed all day Sun. Call me old-fashioned if you like.

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