Thursday, April 28

Confessions pt. I

Ha! Not that anyone who reads this will get the Usher reference, probably. So I have some things to admit to my friends out here in the ether:
1. I'm supposed to be preparing for a review session at 1:00. Am I? NO! 2. I have a copyediting test at 3:30, and am I studying for that? NO! 3. I didn't walk the dog today cause it's raining. So, so sad for him. (Promise to do it this afternoon, Max!) Rainy days suck the life out of me. Storms, however, convince me I am part of the rest of the world---inextricably linked to life, the universe, and everything in it (HG2TG ref there). Why, then, does misty rain suck so bad?

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Mr. Roboto said...

I got the reference, but I am very smart.