Thursday, April 7

I never told you

I should give a recap of my trip to New Orleans, at least as much as I recall of the weekend. Many of you who know me probably wonder why I didn't post on this earlier, since everyone seems to think I was going a month ago. I guess I started talking about it too early; what can I say---I'm a planner at heart. The things that will lodge in my mind for eternity are the nearly indescribable experiences, like seeing the terrifying street performer, the world's worst bronze-painted non-statue person, and of course, being stalked by a zombie. Those are the experiences you never really forget if you look for the weirdness in the world like I do. Because a friend of mine had never been there, we did one of the Brennan's restaurants, and Pat O'Brien's, and bars along Frenchman's street. That's your basic New Orleans orientation, without strip clubs and gay bars, which aren't really her thing. Of course the food was fabulous, of course we had a thoroughly entertaining time, and I re-discovered that a girls only vacation is really the best. My first time in N.O. was with a new boyfriend & therefore all romantic and shit. But my fondest memories of quick trips around the continent (Boson, Cancun, Kiawah Island come to mind) are always girl time. When you fly somewhere to visit a boy, "parting is such sweet sorrow" that it colors the entire trip retrospecitvely. That is one reason I hate long distance relationships---you can't go on any other trips, and the ones you do go on are kind of sad. Other than that it's cool not to have a boy always in your hair. Except for celibacy.

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