Wednesday, April 20

Product launch proposal

The reason this was so funny to me was because of a similar concept in the New York Times this Sunday. The jist of it is that people get a misleading positive message from the media about repairing damages to their bodies. For example, they tell you "Quit smoking now and your lungs will heal themselves!" and "Losing weight increases your chances of living longer!" But what they don't tell you is that abusing your body in the first place is the worst thing you can do, and just because you quit smoking or diet doesn't mean you won't still get lung cancer or have a heart attack before you're 60. NOW they're saying being too thin can kill you, too. My personal theory is that happy people live longer and chubby=happy. Their theory is you shouldn't be too extreme. You can read for yourself here:

Results Relative to the normal weight category (BMI 18.5 to <25), src="" alt="≥" border="0">30) was associated with 111 909 excess deaths (95% confidence interval [CI], 53 754-170 064) and underweight with 33 746 excess deaths (95% CI, 15 726-51 766). Overweight was not associated with excess mortality (–86 094 deaths; 95% CI, –161 223 to –10 966). The relative risks of mortality associated with obesity were lower . . . .

Conclusions Underweight and obesity, particularly higher levels of obesity, were associated with increased mortality relative to the normal weight category. The impact of obesity on mortality may have decreased over time, perhaps because of improvements in public health and medical care. These findings are consistent with the increases in life expectancy in the United States and the declining mortality rates from ischemic heart disease.

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