Saturday, April 23

Not tonight, dear, I have a headache

Pain and pleasure By Charlotte Haigh, Metro 20 April 2005 It's the oldest excuse in the book for escaping your partner's attentions. But next time you trot out the headache line when you're feeling tired or just not in the mood, spare a thought for sufferers of sexual headaches - corkers that come on around the point of orgasm. They're thought to strike about one in 100 of us at some point in our lives - and, although the cliche goes that it's women who are more likely to use the headache excuse, when it comes to the genuine article, three times more men are affected. There are other differences, too. 'For unknown reasons, headaches tend to occur during male, but not female, orgasm and female, but not male, masturbation,' says GP Dr Mark Atkinson. They usually start in your 20s and tend to come in bouts of a few weeks. Most people will only ever experience one bout but some unfortunates will be plagued by repeated episodes. Sex can cause three different types of headache, according to the International Headache Society: Type 1 is a dull ache in the neck and head that intensifies as sexual excitement increases. 'It's probably due to the muscles of the neck contracting excessively during arousal,' says Atkinson. Type 2 is a sudden, explosive headache at the point of orgasm. 'This headache is down to the contraction of some of the small blood vessels in the brain, similar to migraine, and in fact half the people with this type of headache are also migraine sufferers,' says Atkinson. 'It can last anything from a few minutes to a few hours.' Type 3 develops after orgasm and is known as a postural headache - it's thought this type may be linked to low volumes of spinal fluid from having sex in certain positions.
Uh, yeah, I think I'd be a wee bit concerned. full article here

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