Tuesday, December 14

Up til (hopefully not) dawn?

There are like 3.000 reasons I can't sleep -- none of them enough alone to keep me up, but together they pack quite a wallop. Boyfriend is too tall to sleep in bed traditional way, so he has chosen the diagonal position. Also he came in before I had reached REM & therefore it's like I haven't been to bed at all yet. In his defense, I did go to bed before 11pm (early exam = good excuse for old-person-like behavior). My neighbors have moved out and their screen door keeps banging in the wind. Also had to have salty chips & baloney sandwich. Man, it's good to be a grownup & be able to do whatever the hell you want, even eat crappy food at 1am! Of course, being childless, I can come home & take a nap tomorrow. It's pathetic how much I would resent having to give all this up for someone else. Why do people even have kids? Am I just selfish, or lazy, or both? (No need to comment on this. Or to talk amongst yourselves, either.) Kizzle, if your'e still reading at this point, I promised you the Urban Dictionary. I think you will like the definition for a child's rubber change keeper. Ta-ta for now!


ml said...

Michael added a definition but it hasn't shown up yet on the site. So ironic that it doesn't quite refer to what they thought.

Memphis Word Nerd said...

Yo 'sup?! I lament the laze and malaise of the muthafucka who can't bring himself to say "my bad" but instead must employ "my b" in its stead, even though there is no contractive benefit gained by the effort, muthafuckas!

JEEEEEEEEZZZZZZUS! I laughed so hard that I shot water out of my nose.

Serrabee said...

Dude, man, what definition?
Huh? Tell me, tell me!
Not the coin purse. . . .?