Wednesday, December 8

How do you want your friends to plan your funeral?

Something like cremation & being thrown away at the local bowling alley, or perhaps a more civilized pyre? Seriously, we never talk about these things at our age, (and here I'm assuming again that I know you) but they are possible realities for us anyway. I tried to talk to my mom about cremation once, but she refused to even have the conversation. The truth is that she & my dad have the final say. So why should I not be able to discuss it with them?


BILL said...

Ha ha! Achewood rulz!!
I want a plain pine box-no expensive b.s. silk coffin for me thanks. I just couldn't enjoy it, what with me being dead and all. Being catapulted into a live volcano might be cool. Maybe with a lot of reflective streamers attached. Awesome.

Memphis Word Nerd said...

Definitely organ donation. With whatever is left, cremation sounds good. However, I figure that it won't matter to me since I'll be dead. Whatever my family picks works for me.

I told them I'd come back and haunt them if they didn't donate my organs.

Serrabee said...

I honestly believe hanging onto our organs in the afterlife is some holdover belief from an ancient religion which thought we needed them. Cause don't people know what embalming does to your corpse?
Would you be a less scary, or a scarier ghost with organs intact? Just a thought to ponder.