Sunday, December 12

Sweetback = groovy!

And no, I did not buy their album based on the name of the Melvin van Peebles flick. Okay, so maybe that helped me to remember their name. Otherwise I'd just have known 'three guys who were with Sade back in the day' and that's not a section in Cat's Music. Which reminds me, I still haven't seen Baadassss! yet, cause it was either not here or I missed the one week it played in Memphis. Too bad, cause I'd realy like to have seen it in the theatre. When I see so many stupid movies in theatres, it's an even worse shame not to catch films I actually might like while they're running. I am doing this instead of studying. That's okay, cause I was looking at Rx List instead of studying, which seems worse now my psychopharmacology class is done.


Memphis Word Nerd said...

I've got Baadassss! if you want to borrow it. It's really good.

Serrabee said...

Is it out already or are you a video pirate?
I'm not hatin', just askin'!

Memphis Word Nerd said...

I think we're talking about a different Baaaadaaaassss. I've got the documentary. It's been out for a while; I got it from Netflix. Wrong thing? You kin steel borry it if'n ya wants to. I lahkd it.