Saturday, December 18

In the news in the UK

Newman from Seinfeld comes to life! And didn't some women try to prove they would make great astronauts decades ago, but were denied by (whom but. . . ) men leading NASA at the time? Failed criminals. This is like something I'd do if I tried to rob a store. My hero is looking pretty decrepit! Maybe he needs Botox! Maybe not. . . . Business as usual for the lads of the big island. No more business as usual for this lady! Car wreck saved her life!

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rolfy said...

Ha ha! How much time do you spend finding this stuff? I haven't heard of these stories and I live there.

If Robson Green is your hero, according to the article, that makes you a housewife. But who are the heroes' favourites? Housewives? That would be too simple.

Happy New Year