Wednesday, December 1

Sorry for the blackout

I actually just f*cked up something on my blog where I couldn't edit posts, so I laid low for a few days after returning from vacation. Much-needed vacation, I might add. I feel a million billion times better now! I thought it was strange that fall break did absolutely nothing in the way of giving me a break, until I realized that I spent the whole weekend studying for an exam (on which I made the worst grade I've made in that class, I might add). Never again -- next time I'm taking all the breaks they will give me. And then some, if ya knowhaddamean. So, sorry to have neglected you so terrribly. I see you have still been checkin' the blog pulse in the meantime, so fanks for dat. Exams are looming -- prepare for another period of silence -- but I should be back to normal in a week or two. It is sooooo true that time speeds up in exponential proportion to one's age. I'm gettin' old, guys. My consolation is: So are you!

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