Wednesday, December 29


So, Jerry Orbach has died. Does this somehow seem more personal than the Tsunami deaths of 80,000 people we never saw, and probably never would see? Am I callous to point that out? I know I am not the only person who feels this way -- that is, that a massive tragedy unlike any seen in the last century is more surreal and distant than such a small thing as a single death. But somehow one person dying is a manageable sadness, and something you can get your mind around. I'm sure I sound harsh, and I know if I lived there or knew someone visiting there it would all feel very different. But 100 years ago, we would'nt have known about this instantaneously, and it would not have obsessed our media. Or at least our media would not have obsessed us (?). This story from Sri Lanka was interesting -- apparently, all the animals sensed it and headed for the hills. Too bad humans have lost this instinct. B'friend heard on one (and only one) news channel this week that the U.S. Seismology Incident Command Center had attempted repeatedly, and for hours, to contact these countries to warn them of the quake. Of course, now we can't find it.

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