Wednesday, November 3

Truly the end now.

Big K has finally given up the ghost, life is returning to its normal state of chaos, explosions, and baaaaaaad international diplomacy. This is what's been running through my mind today. Call me a sore loser. So people are asking, what's going on in that monkey noggin? Who is the real Bush 2? And what's he going to unleash now -- good, better, or worse? Ya know what, dumbasses? We're not winning a war on terror. We're not actually fighting one, in fact. didn't know I was unAmerican


rolfy said...

I told you that you were un-American years ago! It was meant as a compliment.

If you can get to see a BBC programme called The Power of Nightmares, then do so. Or look at It echoes your sentiments. The premise is that fear is a great controller because one doesn't need facts to create an apocolyptic vision. Policians are so lacking in credible, progressive ideas and the electorate having little to believe in except material wealth make for a potent combination.

When you look at it, it's perfect: random terrorist attacks = a need for a war on terror. Then if nothing're winning the war, but the electorate can never sleep safely in their beds because of the fear of the unknown! It's a war that can never be won. And so the circle repats.

The programme portrays the US returning to the values of late C19th; good guys in white hats etc. Gil Scott Heron had it all sorted back in the 80's - just listen to "B-movies".

Memphis Word Nerd said...

Is it completely sick that this post and article just made my day? Serabee, you win my gold star for the week!!!!