Wednesday, November 17

My so-called life pt. 2

So I have come to the end of my free leadership in one volunteer organization, and now embark on paid leadership in another. Sounds good, right? But when you're paid you are a Pavlovian dog, barking when asked, hushing when told. Now that I think of it, who really listened when I barked before? The crickets maybe, but. . . okay, analogy taken too far. I get it. On a lighter note, I am having an appreciation party for the people who actually helped me out in 2004. On the dark side, it will be at my house. So, how to keep the dogs off the furniture (namely the all-black, long-haired dog from the yellow chaise lounge?) until then? Trying to get pet pics online, for those of you who have yet to see the Akita next to the retriever. It is a funny sight. When they play they are so considerate of one another -- the giant lies on the floor so the ballerina-ankled 55-pounder can have the advantage. Man, do I love my dogs. I sometimes think my b'friend could move out, and if he left his dog I might not even notice!

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