Monday, November 8

The COGICs are coming!

Well, it ain't so bad, cause so is Norah Jones.


BILL said...

Awesome!! what's a cogic? Hey Sair! it's me.. um "rhymes with Phil" your brother in law. Your blog is neat! I made one too, so i could comment here.

Serrabee said...

Hey, "Mill"-my-brother-in-law! (winky-winky)
I will elaborate about COGICs for the masses.
Sorry about having to register to comment -- I thought I could fix that, but I guess that's their way of spreading the blogspot joy.
Weird that you are commenting as I am blogging instead of revising a paper. But, as I have bragged before, what's the incentive to revise a paper you get a 93% on? I know, there will be a final exam coming. But I do fear losing my nearsighted vision if I have to read the Crypt-Keeper's decrepit handwriting without the light of day.
Thanks for the comment, like tumbleweed blowing across the open plain.