Tuesday, November 9

By special request

Some "person" who shall remain nameless (J) requested I do more on my own life, which is fine and all -- but I don't want to bore you guys. If real life bores you, like it does me when I'm reading about other people, stop immediately! I went to a board meeting of the membership organization to which I belong (that shall remain nameless) for like 3 whole hours last night. Which should have been followed by 3 whole martinis at Swig, but I was too tired to even finish the second. What I wanted made the bartender come all the way over and warn me against. He said it would "make [my] eyes pucker" to drink a lemondrop without the sugar. Puh-lease. I suck limes for kicks. But the owner was sitting with a friend of ours, who of course was sitting with us, and did the whole "You know this is my place, right?" sleazy swinger thing. I think he's gay & we're all ladies, but still... ewwww, ick. Like I'm impressed. Yes, I'm thankful that you brought this place to town, but get over yourself. Immediately. ANYway, the board meeting was for re-organization, a mini-strategic planning, and the sort of thing where (as those of you who know me personally already are aware) I tend to stick out. Cause I comment constantly. About everything. But guess who was the bigger blabber? Kerr Tigrett, who is honestly as bad as I thought. When your reputation precedes you, it's usually a bad thing. Trust me. There were probably half a dozen people who spoke up as often as I did, or more so, which was good for the planning process. I just hate that some people important to the process were not able to make it. Oooop, Dave Chapelle's on, gotta motor. More later, kids!


Mr. Roboto said...

You have to tell the owner to change the layout there. It's not conducive to interaction. Everybody sits in their own little groups and there's no mingling. Tell him to visit Nashville's Bar 23, where the seating is secondary and people actually talk to each other.

Serrabee said...

Okay, I guess I didn't do this in order. We went to Swig after our meeting, and didn't have any trouble with talking to each other there. We were on the inside of the half-circle couch-thingy. We did have trouble with the air temperature & got frostbite before we left. They put too much ice in their martinis, too.
And I'm not talking to the owner again unless I absolutely have to.