Tuesday, November 9

Stage Beauty (tha movie)

Okay, so I've been slow about this. Screw you -- I have more to do than tell your sorry asses about movies you are too lazy to go see. Just kiddin'! I have been quite disappointed to hear that everyone on Planet Earth went to see The Incredibles this weekend. Losers. It's a freakin' comedy for kids, and no, you do not need to recapture your youth. Remember that when you were a little tyke all you wanted was to be big (and now you are -- see my airline post). My solace is in Alfie sucking wind (ha! screw you, too, remake!) So, anyway, the topic at hand is Stage Beauty, starring Billy Crudup (who was funny on The Daily Show), Claire Danes, whom I loved, and Rupert Everett, whom I will always love. (And, yeees, it is "whom" -- trust me, I suffered thru a full 85 minutes of grammar today, kids.) I suppose it was a comedy, albeit a touching one -- Claire Danes just has this way of making you exist in her skin -- so it was a good combo of lightness/downer. I saw it with Colie, who called me out halfway through the film (and the glass of wine -- yay for Studio on the Square!) for clutching my nose like it was about to fall off. Those of you who know me know that I do that reflexively when it is cold, which those of you who know me also know is half the damned time. SO, go see it, babies, instead of more silly spoon-fed cartoons.

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BILL said...

I'm gonna go see Incredibles, just to get ya steamed! Ha! Seriously, I have actual children so- Nyah -I have an excuse to actually enjoy a movie. Whoohoo! One Love! - xoxox :)