Thursday, November 11

My so-called life pt. 1

Went to another meeting tonight, this time the membership arm of the organization which shall remain nameless. It's funny how important the right leader is. I could tell we were all getting off track at certain points in the evening, but not only did our fearless leader a) Not make people feel bad for it, but he also B) Let us out on time! And I got a real sandwich and glass of wine. I don't care what people think, I'd rather have edible food than free food. So I have very positive feelings going into 2005 with this crew. I think chairing a subcommittee is fraught with dangers, like the unknown parts on 15th-century maps of the world: "Here Be Monsters," they used to write. And they were right. Monster-slaying is also a thankless job. So, tomorrow's film might be the Che Guevara junt. It had better not be a cartoon superhero thingy, after my previous rant. I have had plenty of kid movies after Spiderman 2, Catwoman, Shark Tale -- it's not like I have an obligation to support the industry or anything. They will be fine, with all the people we see dragging their kids to movie theatres. We actually heard an infant babbling all thru "Ray" -- duuuurr! Or tomorrow's movie might be Bridget Jones, if a certain person whom I used to work with calls me back. I called her twice already, so it's on her. She said Bridget Jones didn't seem like my kind of flick -- any thoughts, those who know me?

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ml said...

I read that the new Bridget Jones isn't nearly as good as the first. But we already new that would be the case. Have a good week-end, I'm off to Chicago tomorrow at the crack of dawn.