Tuesday, November 2


If you haven't voted, you have no choice but to DIE, according to P. Diddy (Diddy P?). I am so nervous -- sweaty palms, dry mouth, heart palpitations just thinking about the next 4 years. The current electoral vote predictor says it's basically a tie. Crap! If we have the evil monkey as President again, I will kick something really, really hard! (Don't worry, Max!) I saw a funny bumper sticker today -- it looked exactly like the "W The President" ones, excpet it read "F The President". Hee-hee! Why are liberals so much funnier than conservatives? Here is some joke material for you fellow W-haters. Watch this while you wait for election results.


Anonymous said...

YOU can get your own "F the President" bumper stickers (and other branded goodies) at http://www.FthePres.com -- they come in strips of two or three (extras to share with your friends).

Serrabee said...

Yeah, I knew that, but all I'd do with them is stick them over everyone else's dubyah: the president stickers!
Too much temptation for me to deface priveate property.