Tuesday, November 9


COGIG is a cult that takes over Memphis each fall, and the COGICs are their fearless members, valiantly risking tickets and verbal abuse about town with their blatant disregard for the local law; heroically storming area restaurants and refusing to respect the filthy wait staff; and bravely driving all other business from town that week, including local patrons. I guess you might say it's just a convention. Seriously, though, people in the restaurant business report bad treatment, no tips, etc.; I have been informed by the daughter of a fire chief that they are allowed to park at the risk of blocking hydrants, fire lanes, etc.; and everyone in general loves to see them go. And as you see, they are not just a house of worship. They are in the business of landlording it over us now, too. Don't be fooled by the message of creating affordable housing, my people.

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