Friday, April 28

Whatchu durin' this weekend?

Everyone seems to be hyped up over the Scavenger's Ball at Butler Street Bazaar this weekend. Personally I think the name is gross, but it is a great concept. It's just that the last thing I need is more crap. In fact, I'd like them to come remove some stuff from my house instead.

It's just as well that I don't want to go, since I have enough on my mind already. Exams started today & I have one more next week, plus a paper and a project due as well. I'm looking at a weekend in the computer lab as it is. I do have next weekend to get excited about. Yes, partly the lure of Music Fest, but also the prospect of a visit from two of my best friends from when I first moved to Memphis. I'm hosting a cookout on Sat. & if you know how to find my house, consider yourself invited. It's not like you're going down to Tom Lee Park anyway, so come by around 1:30ish.

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