Thursday, April 20

Happy 4-20

How sad is it that at 4:20 today, that is on the twentieth day of the fourth month, when I looked at my watch I didn't think of the long-celebrated holiday---no, instead I thought: "Yipee! Almost time to go home & take a nap!" And I even went to bed around 11pm last night---a full 7.5 hours of sleep for me. I am aging on the inside, no matter how fabulous and youthful I still appear to the naked eye. So it looks like I will still have a job in a few months, even if it's only contract or temporary. I sort of like the idea of working on a project-by-project basis, actually. It would be a complete turn-around from the days when I was in a soul-eating full-time job with no end in sight. I have decided that I want to change careers at least once every decade. So from here on in, I will not only vow to leave any job that's not challenging me, but also to change my career the second it stops helping me grow and change. Same thing for relationships (friend- boyfriend- and otherwise, family excepted). Well, I've gotta motor if I'm going to make Drinking Liberally, y'all.

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