Thursday, April 27

I wouldn't believe me if I told me.

I had a crazy, crazy night last night that I wouldn't have believed would happen. I'll stick to the highlights and if you see me on the street I can fill you in on the lowlights. It was at a prof's house to celebrate the end of the class and perhaps the prof's retirement from academia. Of course it's the end of the semester and everyone's wound pretty tight, so I suppose anything is likely.

I showed up fashionably late to find I was only the second arrival. (That's why I hate having parties anymore---you say 7:00 and no one shows up til 2 hours later---not that that's fashionable. It's actually quite rude, I believe.) It was fine with me cause I honestly didn't like many people in the class. Everyone was pretty unattractive and I don't just mean on the outside. That too, but also either downright stupid, not very interesting in class, uninterested in the larger issues of life, or just too shy to talk (or a combination of boring/ugly traits). The course itself was interesting but the class was composed of dullards.

Or so I thought.

Turns out the ones who showed up were for the most part really fascinating---it was just that the silent majority was repressing the rest of us. First we just bitched about the idiots in our class who were smart enough not to show (because hey, if you never come to class, you really shouldn't show up to the party). After a couple bottles of wine had been cracked, we really got to dishing on some real issues, and although not everything was extremely deep but somehow it was all valid for some, or most, or all of us. It was sort of what I imagined my brunch group to be (which it hasn't turned into yet, but we're still in the getting-to-know-you phase with that).

I think this was what college must have been like for people in the '60s, or at least more so than the rest of my college experiences have been. I don't think there was a Republican in the house after 8:30. Our prof. even offered to smoke us all out (we have the threat of testing at work, so it's not really my favorite party game, but still a cool thing to offer). A guy at the party used to be a disc jockey and was playing records for us all night. Another guy told stories about moving to Colorado in the early '90s to "find all the hippies in the woods." And apparently he did (One story was about his 19th birthday party, which lasted 7 weeks. kuhl!). I was one of the first to leave (just before 12:30am). When I texted a friend today, she couldn't even tell me what time she left. That is one crazy class party.

More weird but true facts:

One girl turns out to live on the very same street as I do. Never knew it, though we've known each other about 3 months now. We're going to throw a block party for the under-40 set this summer.

Another girl's dating one of the best friends of my last boyfriend. We'd even met once at the Blue Monkey downtown and had a rather long convo.

Memphis is really just a very large small town (at least Midtown is; I didn't know any of those people from the very eastern parts of Memphis) and I like it that way.

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